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Този блог е на д-р Мартин Кърнолски и е посветен на развитието на Сценичното поведение на певците. Тук ще намерите учебни материали, дискусии и любопитни неща от света на сценичното поведение.
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“THE ONE AND ONLY,” she says and it was completely true – LADY GAGA! And then the show started!



Look at this “boy”! Look at this real MAN! Can you recognize here Lady Gaga? Can you see how different she is in this video? And what happened with the other “superstars” in the audience? Nobody believes that it`s true! NOBODY!



So,  in this short first post, I`d like to open a little bit the door of Stage performance for all people, for all artist which still don`t believe in the power of this part of the vocal art! Please, watch carefully and think about what and how it happened on the stage!


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Dr. Martin Karnolsky